Do you send out the same mass email to everyone in your database? Or do you make statements such as:  “Our service is the best!” Really…and who does the measuring?

Can you see how vague that is and, therefore, not believable?

Try using words that are real and believable and, preferably, unique. Before a prospect engages, they are asking themselves these questions:

  • Why should I pay this price for this product or service?
  • If the price seems ‘high,’ why should I pay more for it?
  • What is so special about what these people are offering?
  • Why should I choose this company over other businesses that provide exactly the same type of product or service?
  • What makes this company different from the last company I saw?

Consider what might happen if you don’t answer all these relevant concerns. The prospect will turn to someone else. It goes without saying that in order for you to acquire LARGE increases in sales, you have to give some reasons about why you should be chosen over others.

This means fluffy is out and is authentic is in! You need to explain why you charge higher prices; how and why your company is good at what it does; what makes it special and unique. Keep it short. Say it in as few lines as possible, especially if you are using an electronic medium. Tell people who and what you are and why you are passionate about what you do ― people buy from people they like. It’s always been my number 1 rule in sales.

And please…don’t send mass emails. The days of shotgun marketing are over. We want personal, real relationships. Can you believe I still get “Dear, valued customer” messages from clothing stores? Yeah, I feel very valued.

​Have you ever rolled your eyes at a very obvious mass-email? Do you need help with finding the right words to describe your business? Give us a shout by using the form on the Connect page.

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