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How it started.

Mavaric is part of my life, my baby, my teacher. As I am sure most of you have learned, being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest achievements. I have learned some amazing things in the last 20 years and found my vocation in driving revenue (where’s yours, by the way?) as well as marketing that drives revenue. I love sharing marketing insights with fellow entrepreneurs whenever I can. You could even ask for marketing advice, anytime and free of charge if you WhatsApp me (Lara) on +31 645559258.

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Entrepreneurs need marketing support. The fact that people don't know what they don't know is responsible for the lack of success of many businesses. You and I both know that 80 percent of businesses go under within the first 18 months. And of those that remain, 80 percent of them will not be in business five years from now. That’s scary, right?

Yet, even with what seems like an almost impossible task, people still take their dreams into the marketplace with little or no sales knowledge. In fact, the success and failure of small business is almost entirely down to the revenue process. And this is where my team and I come in. Join us to see how easily revenue can be manifested.

Our Team.

Lara Theron

Founder and CEO

  • Strategist
  • Sales Coach
  • Creative Genius

Lara has "A THING". This thing is very difficult to describe. She has the intuitive ability to view a situation holistically and can immediately intuit a solution at breakneck speed. She has found solutions for difficult problems so many times that this ability seems effortless to her. This is why we call her the Magician. Her practical intuition, intellect and talent for balancing sales, strategy and creativity is something to see!

Mukami Mutiga

Project Manager & SEO

  • Project Management
  • Certified Google Analytics Specialist

Mukami is our Project Manager and SEO Specialist. Mukami ensures that every project works and follows all tasks to their natural conclusion. One of her strengths is to make sure that no member of the team drops the ball. She desires harmony in all things and her strong feminine leadership ensures that everyone is on the same page and everyone understands exactly what is required.

Nicki Schmidt

Project Co-ordinator

  • Finance Co-ordinator
  • Meetings Co-ordinator
  • Trello Whizz

We could not imagine life without our Nicki! She is like a breath of fresh crispy cold mountain air and she makes the Mavaric machine work with her butt-kicking abilities. She has an eagle's eye and sees every detail in the project, making sure that clients and our team are connected. She’s the oil and the glue, her gentle but firm demeanour makes sure that we don’t get stuck. Projects are done on time and we all love her.

Susan Long

Content & Animation Specialist

  • Content Research
  • Writer
  • Social Media Poster
  • Animation Specialist

Susan is our copywriter and content controller. She has an astounding writing talent and a free-spirited imagination - a combination that brings words to life. Her gregarious approach to communicating client offerings makes her content fun and relatable to any picky online audiences. When she discovered animations and chatbot journeys, a magical Peter Pan spirit of fun evolved to combine with a lead generation process that’s always been so serious. Susie draws online audiences in with content strategies and ideas, and the result is traffic.

Kathy Plumstead


  • Proofreader & Editor

Kathy is our proofreader, text editor and copy editor, and has the patience of a saint! Her work includes proofreading web site copy, newsletters, articles, flyers, training manuals, and books. Kathy is always ready and able to chase away all spelling and grammar gremlins found in our writing, and as such enables faster turnaround times for any copy we conjure up - no matter how many versions we send her!

Kim Stewien

Creative Techie for Websites & Email

  • Email & Database Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design

Kim is our Website Designer. She has a designer's intuition and an ability to mix the new and old, colours and elements, and she can pull a design rabbit out of a hat. She also creates customer journeys to support a sales process through email automation and brings together website, email automation, and social media. Design and sales process automation is an unlikely combination, but it ensures that communication is always linked back to your website, catching all leads and centralising them into your database.