Do you follow up on every lead? If so, how soon do you do it? Have you ever wondered about the impact of waiting around once a ‘hot’ lead arrives in your inbox? I am assuming here that you have a website that generates leads and you have a form where people can “Book Now,” “Order Now,” or something similar. Many people wait too long. Do yourself a big favour and call right away; be the first to call. Be confident about who you are and what you have to offer.

Jim Fitzgerald from Taradel served up the answer – a study from Live360

Lead conversion by fast phone response, compared to NO phone follow up. Here’s the impact on conversion rate:

Calling the prospect after…

  • 1 minute        +391%
  • 2 minutes      +160%
  • 3 minutes      +98%
  • 30 minutes   +62%
  • 1 hour            +36%
  • 5 hours         +24%
  • 24 hours       +17%

Think “plumber.” When you need a plumber, you need one RIGHT NOW. Many businesses are like this, even when, in theory, booking the service a couple of weeks from now would be just fine. It might be fine for the prospect, but it’s just not  fine for you. If you don’t “get ‘em’” now, you’re probably never going to “get ‘em.’”

Autoresponders are a nice “safety net” and they really will save you a great deal of ‘lost business,’ but two weeks of autoresponders are no match for a quick phone call two minutes later to close the deal.

Don’t leave money on the table: Call your leads.