There is a great joke I heard a while back: “How can you tell if someone read the book on which a movie was based? It’s easy. They will instantly tell you.”

It’s the classic tale of book versus movie. On the one hand, reading a book is an accomplishment. It takes far longer to get through a novel than it does to get through a movie. On the other hand, a movie is the condensed version of your favourite story and it is a testament to the quick-fix society in which we are living today. It sums up almost everything you can expect in a book with none of the time needed to invest in the book and, since time is money, people will watch movies instead of reading books. Love it or hate it, these are the facts of our current age. It also happens to be the digital age and the same “reading versus watching” shift is happening on the Internet. After all, who wants to read an article when they can multitask during a self-help or educational video?

Videos End Up In Search Results

Have you ever researched a topic using Google and found some videos popping up in the search results? Where once videos were not considered for SEO, due to the fact that Google couldn’t know what was in the video, YouTube now allows for videos to be SEO-friendly and your videos can easily find their way into the search results. Since we have established that more and more people will gravitate towards the quick-fix of a video playing while they multitask, your video will quite likely be the one people click on which leads me to…

Jump In Before Your Competitors

According to this Think With Google article, 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. A video can help you explain your offerings, even better, it is as though you have rolled a few touch points into one with your customers “binge watching” all your videos─and you end up with a very hot lead indeed. This will undoubtedly give you the edge.

Be Seen As The Confident Industry Leader That You Are

Gone are the days when the CEO of a company was not a public figure. People want to trust in your company before they commit to a sale and since you are the face of your company, what better way to build said trust than to show your face, exude confidence, and give value to your potential customers by sharing your insights?

If you want to find out more about video marketing, how it will grow your business, and how Mavaric can help you with this crucial way of marketing, get in touch with me, Lara, via our Contact Us Page

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