You … yes you!

Are you a Marketing Manager, Director or Entrepreneur in search of a few extra pairs of hands? We are a handful of multi-skilled individuals who support entrepreneurs and SME’s to generate their magic revenue through dedicated marketing strategies. For over 15 years we have been operating as a resourceful, knowledgeable and accountable outsourced marketing team. We are passionate about creating and sustaining value for niche businesses through designing and implementing innovative digital marketing solutions.

Find out what we can do for you. 

Driving revenue…your way

Mavaric specialises in driving revenue…your way. Our team has the ability to assess your current business situation, find your revenue leakages, and with the use of several tools, systems and processes, materialise innovative solutions to ensure the manifestation of your revenue intentions.​

Website Design

Need to revamp or restructure your current website? Or design a website from scratch?

Video Marketing

Want to increase your visibility & reach through the powerful medium of video?

Social Media Marketing

Need someone to manage your Facebook or LinkedIn pages? Not sure which social media platform is right for your business?

What we can do for you

Our collaborative team has niche skills and offerings in sales & revenue, content creation & design, marketing & lead generation. Our shared vocation is to make a difference in people’s lives by increasing engagement, visibility and revenue in alignment with their unique offerings. When you are ready to take your business forward into the digital age with innovative strategy and committed follow-through, we can become your outsourced marketing team. 

Grow Your Ecosystem

Businesses are determined by their data, the number of relationships that are held, and the feasibility of turning those into revenue. To entice your clients to enter your ecosystem, we find new and inventive ways all the time to grow your company’s target market using content and knowledge. The days of asking for business are over, people must come to you when they need you. I prefer to allow people to ask me if they want to work with us.

Let’s switch the sales tables, let’s turn around the desperate need to sell and mould ourselves into something new and way more appealing. Imagine if people asked you to quote, asked you to take them on, asked how they can be chosen – it changes the way we sell. If your energy shifts, so will your targets. You choose your target market. Know with whom you would like to work, and know what you enjoy. Choose that for your business. Once we know who you want, we find them for you through any medium we need and grow your ecosystem so it bubbles with life and interest.

Keep your finger on our pulse

What our happy clients say

Lara is dynamic and resourceful, and always has a positive outlook on any situation. There never seemed to be a problem to large for her to deal with. Her management style combines the sharp edge of creating and chasing sales with a personal touch that builds team spirit and loyalty.

The team of women at Mavaric are indeed true to their name – they are somewhat unorthodox and independent of the usual marketing organisations out there! They assisted us to become visible in unexpected ways even to ourselves as a fledgling organisation. They are not beyond learning themselves and when they deliver, they go all out to please their clients. They did their magic on our organisation and put it all together in a website that we are extremely satisfied with.

We have been using Mavaric for a couple of years now with huge success. The concept of having a database of people who like, or are interested in, your products, is awesome. Focused advertising to an audience that does not see the content as spam is the absolute advantage over any kind of other advertising. Letting your existing customers know of a new product launch or discounted items can be done with ease. It took the Mavaric team months to convince me to use SEO. After giving it a try for 3 months, it was clear that traditional advertising means is not nearly as effective as SEO done by the Mavaric Team on our website. The ongoing emails have brought us several additional business opportunities that we might not have had. A customer receives a quote, decides not to go ahead but then six months later, because of an email from us (actually from Mavaric) they contact us to go ahead. Mavaric has been and still is the biggest single advantage we have over our competitors and I would promote it for any type of business.

I have been working “the Mavaric Way” for several years now. If you want a streamlined, efficient way of gaining leads and monitoring your sales process, Mavaric is the way to go. I can keep track of all my contacts, stay in constant communication and I know where I am in the sales process with each potential client. Loving this! Working with Mavaric has taught me so much – and I have been in sales for many, many years. Increased sales is the result!

I had the absolute pleasure of working with the Mavaric team to redesign, re-invent and re-energise our business website. My experience has been nothing less than amazing! What a breath of fresh air to work with smart, efficient and creative people, who have managed to turn my mental concept into reality, and all at an affordable price.

One thing is certain in any business – you want to work with people who are experts in their field. Each member of Mavaric is this and much more. Not only will they lift your spirits but your revenue too. A great team of individuals who know what they are doing, even if you struggle to understand it at times. Trust them and give it a bit of time, you won’t be sorry. Thank you Mavaric, I really look forward to a long relationship with you.

A massive thank you for your speedy resolution of the website issues.  You have done this on a number of occasions where you have dropped everything to help us out.  Thank you so much for your professionalism, friendliness and great attitude.